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In the Arms of Time: Finding Peace and Healing

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's not uncommon for our minds to become entangled with negative thoughts and emotions.

We yearn for a way to find solace and restore inner peace amidst the chaos.

In times like these, ancient tales often hold profound wisdom that resonates across generations.

One such story, known as "The Psychology of Mind," featuring the renowned spiritual teacher, Buddha, sheds light on a timeless truth: time has a remarkable ability to heal and calm our troubled minds.


Time Heals Everything

Once upon a time, Lord Buddha and his disciples were on a journey. Along the way, they came across a beautiful lake. Buddha sat down under a shady tree to rest.

One of his disciples asked, "Teacher, when we have bad thoughts, how can we calm our minds?"

Buddha was thirsty and asked the disciple to fetch water from the lake. When the disciple reached the lake, he saw people washing their clothes, so he went a bit further to find clean water.

But just as he was about to fill the water, a bullock cart hurriedly passed by, making the water dirty. Disappointed, he returned to Buddha and shared what had happened.

Buddha reassured him, saying they would rest under the shade of the tree. After some time, Buddha sent the disciple back to the lake to fetch water. Surprisingly, the lake, which had been dirty before, now appeared clean. The disciple collected clean water and brought it to Buddha.

Accepting the water, Buddha gently said, "Remember what you asked me earlier?

You saw how clean water was obtained. You didn't have to do anything except give it time. The mud settled at the bottom, and the water became clean.

The same principle applies to our minds.

When our minds are disturbed, we don't need to make an effort to calm them. We simply need a little time, and our minds will become calm, just like the clean water in the lake.

That's why it's said that "time heals everything."


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