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Hara Massage: The Japanese Secret to Vibrant Health and Well-Being

Updated: Apr 29

Last week I wrote a special post called - Unlock the Secret to Vibrant Health and Well-Being.

That post received a great response! It surprised me that so many were interested in learning more about it.

Probably because it's main point was on relieving constipation.

So today, I am touching upon the same area of the body ( abdomen ) but in more detail from a much different perspective.

Zen Shiatsu:

Massaging your Hara (abdomen)

And why neglecting your Hara could be holding you back!

Raise your hand if you find yourself battling with anxiety, struggling with digestive issues, or feeling like your body's energy is out of sync.

If so, you're not alone.

Many of us experience these challenges daily.

But what if I told you there's a hidden gem that could offer massive relief?

Ready to dive into the world of Hara Massage? Let's go!

Here's my story:

About 17 years ago I had a near death experience.

I was ejected out of a moving car after splitting it in half because I fell asleep behind the wheel. I was drinking and under the influence.

Now this is the first time I'm admitting this publicly, and it is because I had felt very ashamed of myself. Of this past.

You see months before my accident I lost my father to cancer.

My mother passed on when I was 13. From cancer.

My age was 22 and

  • I was alone.

  • I was young.

  • I was very depressed.

So one day after watching an Orlando Magic game at a bar, I decided I was going to drive home.

Unfortunately, I never made it.

Waking up in the hospital my whole body was stiff. I thought I must've broken my back because I couldn't even lift my legs or my arms.

In fact, I didn't even know why I was there or what had even happened.

Luckily, the police officer said, "had you been wearing your seatbelt... you would've probably died."

The officer was very kind. He didn't even give me a ticket for drinking and driving.

He was actually more amazed that I was alive!

That same day I went home from the hospital. I did not break one bone in my body, but the doctor said that although my injuries were small (road rash, split eyebrow, split ear, and a deep gash in my head), I would probably be sore for a very long time. On top of that, he mentioned that as I get older, my body would probably get a lot worse.

And that was 17 years ago and I believe the doctor is right.

Since that accident, I have always from time-to-time experienced a dull pain in my left hip.

Chiropractic, yoga, basic, massage, acupuncture… Never really helped any.

So, like many people,

I just dealt with it.

The Toll of Ignoring Your Body's Cries for Help

Ignoring my dull aches had far-reaching consequences for me, affecting not only my physical health but also my mental and emotional well-being.

Persistent digestive issues lead to nutrient deficiencies, compromising my energy levels and immune function.

Anxiety and breathing difficulties exacerbated my stress, creating a vicious cycle that further disrupted my body's natural rhythms and sleep.

So I know what it's like to be in pain, have pain, and deal with it.

Not fun!

Solution: Unlocking the Power of the Hara

Zen Shiatsu

Fortunately, at 25 I decided to put myself through Massage School.

There I learned of a specialized style of massage called Zen Shiatsu.

What intrigued me the most about this style of bodywork was it's focus on the abdomen (Hara).

Most other techniques, don't even touch upon this area or give much information into how beneficial it is to have this area worked well.

In school, you only get a certain amount of hours, so really the only way of truly learning about this technique is to consistently study, study some more, and apply the principles.

Wisdom comes from our own experiences.

What I learned was - At the core of this practice lies the Hara, a vital area in the abdomen that plays a crucial role in maintaining overall balance and harmony within the body.

Did you know:

  1. The Hara is a key diagnostic tool in Shiatsu! The practitioner assesses the tension in this area which gives valuable insights into the body's overall state of balance.

  2. Targeted pressure applied to the Hara helps release stagnant energy (Qi) and alleviate hardness or constriction, promoting a sense of ease and relaxation throughout the body.

  3. Using clockwise circular motions around the Hara helps rebalance the organs and energetic pathways, supporting optimal digestion, respiration, and overall vitality.

Like tending to a neglected garden, nurturing the Hara can help restore the body's natural rhythms, allowing the vibrant growth of health and well-being to bloom once again.

How I fixed my dull aches and continue to maintain:

Tara Massage Review

Those of you who have had my abdominal massage, not only blessed me with glorious responses the next day via mobile text, I have usually given you a great tool that I personally use to massage my own Hara weekly.

That tool is here: ==>

Self massaging my abdomen was the KEY 🔑 to relieving my dull hip aches. It also assisted in helping with my anxiety, digestion, and my depression.


A whole new world opened up to me when I found when I found relief from this style of massage!

What I'm doing for you.

In almost all my Sports Bodywork sessions, I am massaging your Hara... if you let me.

It is so vital to your existence, metabolizim, mobility, and longevity.

I've helped relieve:

  • low back

  • pelvic

  • and abdominal pain.

It has increased a persons:

  • energy

  • lung capacity

  • and improved their digestion.

For a person who is overweight, working in this area has helped move "stuck things" through and promote not only digestive function but energetic metabolic function.

So by the end of my session, patients often feel an increased amount of energy, greater breathing, and better sleep.

That's why I know Japanese Hara Therapy can help you in so many ways.




My only wish is that you find peace to your sufferings.

In The End:

In addition to your Hara rejuvenation, my Sports Bodywork Massage or Organ Massge can further support your journey to optimal health in many ways.

My unique approach focuses on improving your circulation, reducing pain, and increasing flexibility in your muscles, joints, and fascia.

So while I'm working on your Hara, I'm actually using it as a map for the rest of my session; how I'm going to design it.

No two sessions are alike.

You know that!

Thank You for reading and not being judgmental! 👋

But if you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Warm regards,

John Caruso LMT. NMT

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