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Cancer Development: Chronic Stress And What You Can Do About It Now.

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Life can get overwhelming, but did you know it can have a big impact on your body?

I've come across some eye-opening information about how chronic stress impacts your daily health.

Feeling frazzled?

Well, it can trigger a cascade of reactions in your body that will lead to serious health issues researchers have found.

In this article, I'm going to explore how Chronic STRESS affects us all and what you can do about it. It's time to take control and work towards a healthier you! Ready? Lets Go!


I recently came across this interesting study in The National Library Of Medicine, titled: Chronic Stress Promotes Cancer Development. <=== View it here. To give you an overview it states that when stress becomes a chronic condition, it sets off a chain reaction in our bodies, which then lead to immune disorders and inflammation.

So, if you have pain... it's pretty clear that this is something you should be taking seriously. What's even more concerning is the link between excessive stress hormones and the development of cancer! In the study you can see how excessive stress hormones can cause DNA damage, hinder your body's ability to fight cancer cells, and even encourage tumor growth.

It's a stark reminder of just how influential stress can be on our health.

But there's hope!


The studies are showing how individual personality will influence how daily stress affects your neuroendocrine and immune functions.

This is something many of the Prophets, Yogi's, Saints, and Sages have been echoing to us from the beginning. So, you're probably looking to take active steps to manage your stress levels. Right?

Supportive stress therapies (ie: daily meditation, weekly massage, light exercise, & breathing techniques) are a massive force in stress management.

And I'm sure you have heard/read that people with a positive mental attitude will usually have a better health outcome!

So here's a special breathing technique you can learn today and get those stress relieving benefits right away.

It's called...


:Square Breathing:

Yes! This is a simple, yet powerful technique that has the potential to transform the way you handle stress.

It's a bit of a hidden gem in the world of relaxation methods.

This technique not only provides immediate relief in moments of tension, but it also cultivates a sense of calm and focus over time.

I've read this exact technique is also used by the Navy Seals!

In the animated picture below, you'll see how easily it can be done and then you'll figure out how to incorporate into your daily routine. Think of using it:

  1. During a Moment of Anxiety or Panic

  2. In Traffic or During a Commute

  3. When Feeling Overwhelmed with Tasks

  4. During Exercise or Physical Activity

  5. Dealing with Challenging Conversations

  6. When Feeling Irritated or Frustrated

  7. In Times of Grief or Loss

To start, just follow the visual instructions and do a full set of 5 - 10 rounds.

You will...

  • Inhale for 4 seconds

  • Hold for 4 seconds

  • Exhale for 4 seconds

  • Hold for 4 seconds

When finished, I want you to close your eyes and feel the sensations of relaxation flowing throughout your body.


Be still. See that!


Now get ready to take a deep breath and discover the power of this simple yet impactful breathing practice below.


In closing, remember that the power to safeguard your health lies within your grasp.

By acknowledging the potent influence of chronic stress, embracing supportive therapies, incorporating exercise, and wisely considering medications, you hold the key to a healthier future.

Make your decision today to find time to relax, meditate, learn that breathing technique, and take charge of your well-being.

Your Body and Soul will thank you.


Start a weekly massage routine. If you want to relieve the HEAVY accumulation of physical, mental, and emotional stress that has been placing a burden on your body, tap the link below.

You'll see how this 4 week program will greatly reduce your stress levels and give you immediate and lasting euphoric results!

Sincerely, John Caruso LMT. NMT.

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