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Breaking the Cycle: How Neglecting Your Body's Needs Leads to Chronic Pain and Weakness

The impact of chemical, physical, and emotional stress on our muscular system is profound. When our capacity to handle stress reaches its limit, it manifests as a decline in muscle strength.

As time goes on, it's a natural part of the aging process for our stress tolerance, relative to the pressures and demands placed on our bodies, to gradually decrease.

Consequently, a substantial portion of the individuals who seek my assistance as a Neuromuscular Therapist are typically in a state of being "overtrained."

You're likely familiar with the routine:

  • disrupted sleep

  • digestive issues

  • heightened irritability

  • persistent muscular discomfort

  • and an overarching sense of physical frailty

These are all telltale signs of "overtraining," and they exert significant stress on the body.


Muscle weakness, often referred to as muscle inhibition, arises from the muscles' inability to effectively withstand the forces imposed upon them.

It is these weaknesses that render us more susceptible to injuries.

Think of it as comparing the situation to a well-tuned musical instrument. A musician plays their instrument with passion, but after the performance, the instrument undergoes meticulous care and maintenance to ensure it continues to produce beautiful melodies.

The instrument is tuned, strings are adjusted, and it's handled with precision.

Strangely, we often show more reverence to our instruments than we do to our own bodies.

We habitually expose ourselves to pressures that can exceed our capacity to endure, resulting in an upheaval of neuromuscular equilibrium.

Rather than tending to the necessary repairs and restoration, we continue to subject ourselves to additional stresses.

The consequences are clear – stiffness, pain, delayed healing, and the risk of injury!


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