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Your Secret to Lasting Stress Relief

Did you know that a startling 90% of people don’t keep to their New Year resolutions each year? For some reason overeating, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco use and even social withdrawal can all be connected to STRESS.

On their website the Mayo Clinic says this about stress;

"You may think illness is to blame for that irritating headache, your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the cause..."

It’s time to get the knots off of your shoulders!

Remember when you had a great week and then one day you awoke to a tense, swollen, and sensitive spot in-between the shoulders? It's difficult to grab the coffee mug out of the cabinet. Just looking over your shoulder causes strain and pain that enters up into the head. It even makes it dangerous to drive!

So what is a knot exactly?

Well it definitely doesn't resemble that picture above.

Actually there are many theories that suggest a knot is

  • Muscle fibres adhered together

  • Lack of blood supply

  • Build up of toxins

  • Micro tears resulting in scarred tissue

  • STRESS (mental, emotional, physical)

But these are just theories and there are probably more theories out there too! Whichever theory is correct, muscle knots do exist because you can feel them, and they can hurt a lot!


A common theme in the formation of the muscle knot is an inadequate blood supply to the afflicted area. This will interfere with your life like you wouldn't believe.

But if you want to have a fighting chance at lessoning these knots so you can reduce your physical stress, here are my 5 Simple Steps to follow below.

  1. Hydration - Hydration with clean water is vital. Your body uses water for so many things and one of them is it improves your circulation.

  2. Meditation - A relaxed body is a healthy body. If your muscles aren't under constant stress, blood can flow easily and effortlessly.

  3. Exercise - Known for increasing circulation by generating heat in the body. Moderate exercise a few times a week is part of a healthy routine.

  4. Stretching - I love Yoga, so I promote it as a circulatory panacea for all my clients. Stretching helps to elongate and loosen tight muscles. But if Yoga is not your cup of tea, I'd suggest you take up Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). This is the same type of stretching I do with you in our sessions. It really helps my clients who have disabilities because it's so easy and safe.

  5. Massage - A regular massage is not only beneficial to your well being, but it will improve bloody supply to the muscles helping them stay flexible and healthy.

Do not wait until you NEED a massage.

See how my 4 week immersion has helped Laurie👇

To live a healthier life you MUST:

  • Improve tissue elasticity

  • Take pressure off your nerves

  • Increase blood flow


  • Lift your mood

  • Get better sleep

All this starts today!

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