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The Issues Are In Your Tissues: Emotional Pain

Emotional Neck Pain

I've witnessed firsthand how emotional pain can take up residence in the body, creating tension and discomfort. It's not just a saying — your issues are, indeed, in your tissues. Over the years as I engage with my clients, I often encounter instances where stress and trauma have manifested as physical ailments.

The concept that "the mind is a construct and the body is the only place emotions can exist" rings true.

Stress breeds disease, and the toll it takes on the body is undeniable.

This link between emotions and the body is further emphasized by the connection between the fascia and trauma.

I have felt under my fingertips the release of fascia adherences and then instantaneously witnessed the release of some deep-seated emotions in people.

This is a path to healing that goes beyond the surface!


So when I studied Hatha Yoga in California with my teacher, Alison Smith, I can never forget in her class performing the Firelog pose for the first time ever. This is a pretty advanced pose for many, but after warming up the body for a good 60 minutes, this massive hip-opener sent waves of euphoria throughout my body.

Let me tell you it felt SO GOOD!

With a loud sigh of relief! Many people who have practiced either:

  • breath work

  • silent retreats

  • controlled movements

  • stretching

  • massage

  • acupuncture

Have all found releases of stored tension.

Personally, I procrastinated on breath work for far too long until I experienced its impact on my own emotional releases within my mediation training.

Go Look! Research it. There are plenty of videos, social media comments, and blogs written on how intense breathing sessions became a transformative journey, offering these disciples a sense of release, improved health, and clarity that surpassed many other approaches.


The Pulsetto

As a Massage Therapist I get all these interesting adds for the next "NEW GADGET" to hit the market. I'm not making money off this reccomendation, but I wanted to bring it to your attention especially if you struggle with depression.

This device looks pretty cool because it's designed as a natural and effective way to decrease stress and anxiety, and to improve sleep without medication! The vagus nerve is your longest cranial nerve, connecting your brain to several of your internal organs.

And this nerve is crucial for activating your relaxation response so you can “rest and digest.”

Here's the link ===> (Tap Here)

I belive this is worth a shot if you have trouble sleeping and battle anxiety. *At the time of this writting the site is offering 55% OFF this device!



Chinese Meridians of the foot

Exploring the world of Chinese Medicine has been an eye-opening journey for me, revealing this captivating link between our emotions and bodily organs.

Take the Liver, for instance.

It's not just a filter for your blood; it's also entwined with your emotions, particularly Anger.

Any stagnation in this area is thought to manifest as physical symptoms such as tightness, stiffness, or knots in the muscles and tendons.

Pretty interesting, right?

As I delve deeper into this holistic approach, I'm witnessing firsthand the profound connection between your emotions and the intricate workings of your body; and the patterns I'm finding in you, have been helping all the other people who walk into my practice.

It's a journey that feels both personal and universally enlightening!


You know, I've witnessed clients unexpectedly breaking into tears during stretches or experiencing a surge of emotion when pressing upon a "trigger point."

The body, it seems, holds onto emotions that we may not even be consciously aware of.

The equation "E + Motion = Energy in Motion" takes on a literal meaning as the release of emotions through physical movement becomes a powerful catalyst for change. That is why I reccomend Hatha Yoga!

In conclusion, the journey toward emotional release is intrinsically linked to the body.

Understanding that our issues are indeed in our tissues allows us to explore therapies like Neuromuscular Therapy and guided therapeutic stretching, which target the release of the physical manifestations connected to your emotional stress.

My goal is not only to alleviate your physical discomfort but to guide you on a journey of emotional release from the inside out.

When you are ready to break free, contact me!

John Caruso LMT Sarasota Florida

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