John Caruso

  • Trigger Point

  • (AIS) Stretching

  • Deep Tissue

  • Swedish

  • Neck Work

  • Reflexology

  • Myofascial Release

  • Medical Astrologer

John Caruso - Massage Therapist at Sarasota Florida

I have had an affinity with health, muscles, and nutrition since a young age. The idea that we can positively transform the internal environment of the physical body and bring about health and well-being, has caused my bookshelves to overflow with a library of holistic wisdom and information.

I am always amazed how the body adjusts after my sessions with people. The body is NOT just a pile of bones, nerves, and soft tissue. It is ever alive with a mental and emotional component that must be addressed and remedied along with in order for it to be considered a holistic approach. This is my opinion.

Otherwise like most therapies today, which are at best attempting to only alter effects by working with effects, when in reality this is only changing one form of distress for another.

We must go to the cause in order to change the effects. In my experience the cause 95% of the time is rooted in the mental and emotional aspect of the human design.

My work focuses on the physiology & psychology of the patient in order to make physical changes that work and hopefully last.


A True holistic approach is an unfoldment and not a quick fix.

There is no dodging this conclusion.


So too often people of all kinds seek the next pill, the next machine, or the next gadget to remedy their aches and pains, only to waste lots of money and fall short on their search for even just a little relief. Surprisingly, there is a plethora of "health conscious" charlatans in this day and age who are eager to sell the next panacea for major profits by working off of peoples emotions and sicknesses.  

We may awaken one day with discomfort and pain which may seem to have come on instantly. But truthfully most pain was manifesting in time until it became chronic and in ways that are invisible. So I don't promise any client of mine an instant solution for chronic issues. My techniques and approach to their relief is largely due on the clients part of making a commitment to having ongoing bodywork and doing the exercises I prescribe, while following the life adjustments I suggest to them in order to establish balance.

I have become a bodyworker because I love it. And I love it because it moves me and it works on so many levels. I remember listening to a Tony Robbins audio years ago, and one thing he said really stuck with me. “If you change your body’s physiology you change the bodies psychology.”


As a professional therapist, I know it is my responsibility to advance my own knowledge and continue my education to better serve those who are in need. I know within I have found the profession that I love and will continue to dedicate my time to the many clients that I help. Always following an honorable code of ethics, I am here to serve and to be of service to you.