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Here's why you will ditch your sunglasses and sunscreen this year?

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Here are all the reasons why you should ditch your sunglasses and sunscreen this year 2023 Here's what you are going to learn in this post::

  1. The Latest Research on the Sun.

  2. Why Sunlight in our Eyes is Important.

  3. Healing Benefits of Sun.

  4. How Much is Enough or Too Much?

  5. Best Sun Protection for your body.

Have you heard of Dr. Michael Holick? This man has done a tremendous amount of research on the benefits and importance of vitamin D and the the sun for general health.

In fact, his work is largely responsible for today’s awareness of vitamin D’s importance to your health.

Today many vitamin D deficient Americans supplement with vitamin D3 capsules.

Many of my clients do this!

They usually supplement somewhere between 1 - 5,000 mg daily.

But you may have already known that the best source for this vitamin is direct sunlight on one’s skin.

And here's the best part... You can’t overdose on vitamin D created by sunlight because the body simply discontinues creating it when there is enough!



Do you want to increases testosterone, muscle tone, and body composition? Cholesterol sulfate which is essential for the production of your sex hormones is created by the sun! That's right! And sunlight also creates nitric oxide which widens blood vessels.

Nitric oxide (NO) prevents heart attacks and enhances your athletic performance because it lowers high blood pressure and reduces inflammation.

Pretty cool right?


So how do you regulate your circadian rhythm?

Daily sunlight in one’s eyes stimulates mitochondria production, which then influences our sleep cycle to support a healthy sleep pattern.

Further, my research has shown that sunlight in our eyes produces melatonin, which is essential for both physical and mental health.

This is real nature based science folks!

Ever wonder why older generations who didn’t wear sunglasses or sunscreen also had less cases of skin cancer?

Well I hypothesize it's because they never attempted to avoid ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B light? But if you're worried about skin cancer and exposure to the sun, I would highly recommend you stop consuming seed oils.

Cooking and eating with seed oils also has shown to cause age spots! I'll talk more on this at another time.


But skin cancer truly is a real threat to aged Americans!

And for aeons dermatologists blamed too much sun exposure as the primary cause for skin cancer.

Today, integrative physicians are making scientific claims that Melanoma generally occurs on skin that is never exposed to the sun!

In case you didn't know, Melanoma is the deadliest of skin cancers.

Scientists further say that Vitamin D deficiency is connected with increased cancer rates of all kinds!

WHOA! More sun please!


Don't you think you were made to live with nature, not inside with unnatural sources of light?

So John, "How much sunshine is enough or too much?"

As a general rule, 10-20 minutes of sunlight is recommended.

If you have darker skin (more melanated) you will need more sun exposure.

Rule of thumb... Don't burn!

But now you're wondering "Well John, then what is the best sun protection?"

As we floridans living in the Sunshine State begin to get ready for the warmer weather coming in 2-3 months I'd suggest:

  • Hats

  • Light clothing

  • Shade

But if skin protection is a must in the form of sunscreen, then find a brand that is safe without toxic chemicals. Whole Foods will definitely have something safe for you and your loved ones!

Enjoy in Joy

John Caruso LMT/YTT

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