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🍁 Autumn 🍁 Hot Towel Massage


Can’t sleep?

Dry skin?



Here’s why…

Certain seasonal elements in nature will dominate your physiology.

Think... excess movement, dryness, lightness and cold. That's Autumn! 🍂

When unbalanced, these elements ruin your sleep, you're agitated, you get bound up, and your skin feels chapped or dry. Sound Familiar?

What if there was an enjoyable way to balance these qualities without having to lift a finger?

You’d be able to focus on things that really matter.


  • rehydrating your dry skin with warming oils,

  • quieting the mind,

  • decreasing muscular pain,

  • lengthening stiff muscles!

The good news is I can help you do that - and then some.

:My process is simple:

  • Hot towels from neck to toe. Unwinds, recovers, and enhances circulation.

  • Handcrafted warming massage oil. For Sore & stiff muscle relief, deeply moisturizes.

  • Trigger point therapy mixed with a firm Swedish massage tempo. Soften knots, produces endorphins, eases the mind, and decreases stress.

  • Stretch all major muscle groups of the leg. Improves the kidneys, liver, stomach and spleen

Are you ready to look good, feel better, live longer?

Sign-up is easy!

Click the button below to get started.


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