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“John Caruso is a talented and intuitive body worker. As someone who has experienced many types of bodywork and massage over the years, I felt that my session with John is worth praising.

John was able to combine multiple modalities of massage to address problem areas as well as apply appropriate pressure where needed. He also intuitively uses energy to heal and restore. After my session, I felt relaxed and calm and all the tightness and pain in my body was gone. I highly recommended John for anyone seeking a professional and gifted massage therapist.”


Tina G. - North Bay

"Best massage I've had in a long time."

Craig - North Bay

"Wonderful stretch, release, depth"

Anna - West Marin

"Great therapeutic massage! Love the neck work."

Eva - West Marin

"John understood my needs and responded with a healing touch that enabled my body to relax and soften to a degree that gave me freedom to move forward, forgetting my previous limitations."

Leo Morozoff - North Bay

"Amazing detail to the body, I have never been more relaxed."

Rikki - North Bay

"Incredible massage. More please!"

Joe - Las Vegas


Stayed present with me the whole massage.

Perfect pressure throughout!"

Josh - North Bay

"With a gentle, deep touch, John was able to manipulate the stuck energy in my body and assist in its movement away from my achy muscles. Thank you for the release of toxins. Looking forward to additional sessions." 

Michelle H. - North Bay

"Great strong work"

Adel - North Bay

"Great flow and attention. Solid consistent pressure."

Josh - North Bay

"Kind, Good Technique, Great Massage"

Bernard  - North Bay

"You have mad skills and I love how you balanced every part of my body. I love how you shook my spine using my muscles. Super stellar work stretching my hips and your touch was very in tune to the pressure that I needed. You are a must in my book!"

Wendy - Sonoma County

5 Star Review

John Caruso has given me three messages to date and I have him scheduled for every three weeks. John is very in tune with my body and does a tremendous job at finding all the spots that need attention.  He is very calming yet does a deep message along with some stretching techniques and reflexology.  I highly recommend John, you will not be dissatisfied, and did I mention he will come to your home!

Stan - Sarasota, FL

I had a one hour therapeutic massage with John Caruso. John rocks! The massage itself was cozy and comfortable. I even got hot towels on my hands and feet as part of the massage, and a treatment of tiger balm for my arthritic back! It was a lovely experience.

Becca - Sarasota, FL

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